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Behind Rise Of Xtranormal, A Hilarious DIY Deadpan

As of July , a new placeholder site, announcing that the assets of Xtranormal had be acquired by Nawmal, Ltd, had replaced the old site at xtranormal. As of August , Xtranormal has been acquired by Nawmal Ltd. Xtranormal was launched after four years of software development. It was established as a storyboarding tool for writers and film directors. The original intent was to allow users to create videos by choosing from a menu of predesigned characters and sets, and scripting their own dialogue.

Xtranormal’s State platform allowed casual users to create their own animated videos.

These assignments are due on the date specified* regardless of class-time missed due to sporting events or illness, and if a student should be absent on the due.

Skip to Content. Kids can learn and apply simple technology skills to create custom animated videos through Xtranormal. Even young kids can use the drag-and-drop tools to bring characters and stories to life, and older kids can practice their writing skills by drafting conversational dialogue. With Xtranormal, there’s no limit to the imaginative ways kids can express themselves and apply their storytelling skills. The text-to-movie technology is entirely unmoderated and unrestricted, so users are free to plug in any text, objectionable or otherwise.

Though a basic plan is free, it offers limited options and restricts how many movies can be made. Throughout the site, users are encouraged to upgrade to paid plans or purchase its virtual currency Xtranormal Points in order to have more tools and tricks available. Parents and caregivers: Set limits for violence and more with Plus. Teens and tweens can bring their own dialogue to life by choosing and customizing characters, voices, expressions, movements, and text to create short, animated movies about any topic.

Once a movie is complete and rendered, it can be shared via social media channels or linked to in emails, blogs, etc. The opportunities for creativity are endless, but the free version has limitations and users are encouraged to purchase additional Xtranormal Points in order to access more “actors,” sets, backgrounds, and other premium features.


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Xtranormal is a great site for making 3D animated movies. I have always To date we have close to members gathered there. Most of the.

Xtranormal is a great site for making 3D animated movies. I have always mentioned and showcased a couple examples of Xtranormal creations in my Multimedia Tools webinars. Sadly, Xtranormal recently posted that they will be closing all accounts and removing all the existing videos by July 31, What have we accomplished? Our community and dedicated fans have created some of the most viral and entertaining videos on the Web with millions of users on our platform.

We thank you for showcasing your amazing talent and for being such loyal fans. Where do we go from here?

YouTube To Shut The Door On YouTube Create

Posted in: Blog. One of the sessions I attended focused on choosing online activities that support learning objectives. The session talked about integrating the absorb, do, and connect approach; an idea put forth by William Horton, an eLearning guru.

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The new site update is up! The software was even used to create animation for TV shows such as a recurring segment on Fox’s Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and commercials. But in recent months, the company made a series of controversial decisions and began showing clear signs of trouble. They stopped allowing users to monetize their videos on Youtube. They stopped posting new assets, shut down their user forum and blog, and frustrated users by becoming increasingly non-communicative.

The site was hit with serious technical problems that made publishing movies almost impossible, and these issues went unfixed for months. Finally, on June 28th, the company announced that it was shutting down the site. Please use your existing XP points and publish and download your movies before that date. I should add that I would’ve included more links about the company’s troubles, but there are very few to be found online.

Xtranormal shut down its forums, so many of the fan complaints are gone.


The long and illustrious history of moving pictures all started with the zoetrope. Then there was the thaumatrope , the flip book , and my personal favorite, the phenakistoscope. And now we have drumroll please : The Internet. People have been excited about moving pictures for ages.

Xtranormal Technology, Inc., or simply known as just Xtranormal, was an American digital They encouraged users to use up existing points and to publish and download created movies before that date. Xtranormal’s online services were.

Syllabus Update to prepare for Tue. Xtranormal videos : everybody vote! PowerPoint presentations : everyone who did not present last week should be prepared to go on Tuesday. This time I will select people rather than requesting volunteers. Hacker: Remember that you will retake this quiz on Thursday this week and this time the grade will be combined with your other quiz grades for the semester.

Syllabus Update to prepare for Thu.

6 Free Sites for Creating Your Own Animations

In the spirit of fuckedcompany, we do appreciate pun titles. But it’s not required if you can’t think of anything. However, we request that you include a short description of the product or service for those who may not be familiar with it. Instructions: Post a link to the shutdown notice original source is best, followed by TechCrunch, etc , and then copy it into a comment.

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Xtranormal is Saying Goodbye for Now: A Few Alternatives to Try

Recipients of the Certificate were required to: attend one 3-hour practicum and four 1-hour workshops, and complete a final project that included a classroom assignment that uses a new media application, a tip sheet regarding use of that new media, and a reflection on how the workshop series impacted their teaching. Below is a repository of final projects. Google Docs, a collaborative tool, provides many key functionalities that can enhance the writing classroom. Adobe Connect, a web-conferencing tool, is employed to expand and enhance the delivery of a course.

Maria demonstrates how Adobe Connect can be used to teach math. No doubt new media tools, when effectively employed, can enhance student learning and engagement.

Xtranormal Videos: Over the weekend, everyone should have submitted a on your group’s GoogleDoc, enter citation information (author, title, journal, date.

Xtranormal Technology, Inc. Xtranormal Desktop aka State is free to download on Xtranormal website but is no longer after Xtranormal’s shutdown. On June 28, , the company announced that they would be shutting down its online services on July 31, They encouraged users to complete their unfinished movies and download their completed movies before July 31, Xtranormal was launched after four years of software development.

The original intent was to allow users to create videos by choosing from a menu of predesigned characters and sets, and scripting their own dialogue. Xtranormal’s State platform allowed casual users to create their own animated videos, and could be downloaded for free and run offline. At some point, Slate was replaced with a newer version of the animation software called Xtranormal Desktop or, XD.

Like Slate, XD was free to download from the Xtranormal website, but is no longer available after Xtranormal’s shutdown. Movie Maker offers users a more limited subset of functionality in exchange for the convenience of a web browser. Xtranormal videos could at one time be created through an interface directly on the YouTube website. In , Xtranormal launched a subscription service called Xtranormal for Education.


Who are we and what do we contribute to the stage of life? In Language Takes the Stage , we consider what theatre is and why people feel compelled to create it. In addition to analyzing, researching, and writing about text, students take an active role in transforming text to actual performances. Language, theater, culture, and self are the driving themes of this course. We compose monologues, write narratives, act, argue character interpretation, invent, improvise, and otherwise consider how the story is told and how the story is used to influence and communicate with the world around us.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 08, — Xtranormal™, the with more than 11, user videos uploaded on Facebook to date.

Xtranormal is an application that is still very new. Since it is is still in the beta stage of production, it is still being tweaked and worked on.. Xtranormal is a company based in Montreal, Canada, which also has offices in San Francisco, California. It is was funded by Cambridge’s Fairhaven Capital [8]. Xtranormal pitched their project to the Digital Media Summit in June of [6]. Xtranormal was one of five entries to complete a five minute audition and presentation that was ultimately voted on by the audience to be the best application to be presented.

Their product was a flash based video production application in which the user types out the script which will be spoken by a pre-designed animated actor.

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